georgetown ,CA

Bobbed Beaver with Iron Maiden front cover

Chipper clutch shaft build up and re-machine

We offer IN HOUSE and MOBILE fabrication and Line Boring repair.Serving the Northern California, El Dorado and Sacramento counties.Our focus is mainly Forestry equipment modifications. Small production runs or a custom cab guard .Bobbing a chipper , modifying attachments,track guards or even custom thumbs. Nothing is too small! Trying to bridge the gap between heavy equipment and race car fabrication. Just because your machine doesn't go 100MPH, doesn't mean your machine can't have some style!


Stick, Hard wire and Dual shield

CNC Plasma cutting up too 1.250"

Hard facing , Arc Gouging

Line boring is available from 1.750" to 6" ID holes

Some jobs are better to be done in the shop, but if we can get it done on site we will!

Yoke pin mod from 1.750" pin too 2" pin. This goes with the 308 pictured above.

Kenworth T800 Lowboy/Log Bunk conversion to electronic scales. Pin hitch plate or pin the bunk!

Custom 36" brush rake style thumb for a Takiuchi excavator

308 Track Guards

Another 308 with a custom cab guard, modified quick coupler into a grapple mount plate

We can take care of your Heavy Equipment problems too!!