georgetown ,CA


We’re committed to building quality products you will be proud to own!


FISHMOUTH FABWORKS was founded in 2005. We are nestled in the hills of Georgetown, California. Gateway to the most well known rock crawling trail " The Rubicon". Dan started working in the fabrication industry at 17. A local sheet metal job shop picked him up through the ROP program. 

At 20 years old , Dan had a dream of owning his own business. The doors opened at night when the day job was over. Within a year, Dan was working full time at his dream job. Today, he labors on with the support of his loving wife and soon be child.

Dan is a skilled craftsman and has over 16 years of fabrication and welding experience . Dan's dedication

to building high quality products and the love of fabrication is the heart of this company. From Stick welding , MIG welding , TIG welding. Too

Machining on our Mill's and Lathe. Line boring, CNC plasma cutting and 3D design software we can handle your project.

We don't build a "standard" car. To this day each car is hand built for each owner.With over 21 ground up builds and with the added help of 3D software , we can design the car to fit YOU. Racing is hard enough without being comfortable. Come see us about your next project!

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, and quality so you will always be happy that you chose us. 


Metal fabrication is a trade most people are familiar with , however very few do it with the precision we do. Here at Fishmouth Fabworks we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we firmly believe that you'll see the difference when you choose our company. We have been owner-operated from the start. 


We want our customers to feel like family!

Long-term Business